IMSOTOBEFRESH is an organization that is passionate to leave marks of visual toward the world by creating sounds for the future. Formed in 2012, the purpose and goals of IMSOTOBEFRESH is to provide a place where individuals come together; to accomplish the best visuals sound base on finding motivation that sparks the culture around audio  - sound production, recording engineers, sound technicians, sound effects. We provide publishing and sound placement for music, films, movies, video games, curating events. Also operate and set up recording equipment for sound production and apply possess music technical skills in media and entertainment for company on a mission to represent and progress urban culture.

 IMSOTOBEFRESH continues to elevate the conversation through sound production offer.

FRESHZILLA; an art streets/fashion brand that benefit the Earth for a better solution in the would we live today. Art can change the world; either we wear it or not, keep art for what is meant for us or just have it around, or maybe support art because it's has futuristic meaning for the next generation. Our brand maintain so many creative idea's out box. We only release exclusive product to our fan's then move on the next chapter of  art and bring new idea's around the brand.

Producer, Artist, DJ, and Creative Director, Nice Since 2010; Brooklyn born winner. Everything he create is gold at event moment he has in his lifestyle. ToBe Fresh main goal is to find a cure for his synesthesia while evolving day by day with his creativity. Having  to much power or energy for happiness he can't turn it off but love it like its his last gift to can help heal the world in music, production, art and even his self at any creativity directions that's Positive.

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Brooklyn New York, 11206

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